Wow I miss the sims and all of you so much :(
ebisms asked:
"I miss youuuuuu! x"

Aaahhh I miss you too

everlasting-gardens asked:
"We miss you! But I hope you're having the time of your life and will have a lot of fun going to England ♥"

Thank you so much

Anonymous asked:
"actually, if you don't mind uploading harry too? he's a cool dad :D"

Harry isn’t mine actually, I usually download partners for my sims from other simmers here :)

Anonymous asked:
"I don't think I've ever hated the word "hiatus" more. Come back soon! On a side note, my plant baby didn't come out as cute as your's."

I will as soon as I get back to South Africa! :D in England at the moment … I’m sure your plantsim was adorable :*

Anonymous asked:
"Heello! I really like your houses, are so colorfull! Its amazing,I specially like their when be like cottages, I wish that your houses have 5 bedrooms xD please keep up your great work. WE LOVE YOU"

Thank you so much

Anonymous asked:
"eeeeek your rats are so cute! i really want rats but i have 4 cats and there are sadly no breeders around my area :/"

Thank you very much dear :* but ahw that sucks!

Anonymous asked:
"Hello love! Do you mind posting pictures of the interior/decoration of the Karo family house? I love seeing pictures of your sims but I think you don't post enough pictures of your decorations and I think your skills are amazing!! xx"

Thank you so so much! As soon as I start to play again I will :) xx

Anonymous asked:
"Hello love! I've been on your faq but I couldn't find an answer to my question... how do you sharpen your pictures? I mean you settings because mine end up looking really blur... :("

I don’t sharpen them, I just use the actions mentioned in my faq! :) \Sorry for the late repy

Anonymous asked:
"Where do you get all your plants ?! Xx"

I think all the plants in my game are listed on my resource page /sorry for the late reply! :)

Cookie had her birthday :3